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constant rocking

covering ears

doesn't like to be touched or hugged

little eye contact

obsession with 
specific toys

spinning objects

delayed speech

poor social skills

sensory challenges

difficulty making and/or keeping friends

does not smile a lot

walk on tiptoe

difficulty adapting to change

flapping hands

constantly repeating the same sounds

spinning in a circle

lining-up toys



Social Skills Trainings are available to all children. Children are given an evaluation before they begin training. Therefore, the activities are customized to meet your child's needs. Children receive one-on-one coaching, and small group training. We use a variety of techniques including video modeling, peer mentoring, and role playing. Our Services are child friendly, and parents concerns are taken seriously.

We provide tutoring, training, and behavioral supports for individuals with autism and related disorders.                                                                                                 

We believe that the best moments in life are experienced during childhood. Therefore, we are committed to awakening the natural brilliance in every child.


      Our services are based on promoting healthy relationships


an overview of our programs

Beauty In Differences
This is a social skills training program for children with social interaction and communication difficulties.
Infant Play Group
This play group is designed for young children (1.5 to 3) who may be experiencing a delay, or difficulties, in social communication and play skills.

autism training & consultation

This is a workshop that aims to improve people’s understanding, knowledge, and attitude concerning individuals with Autism. Follow up consultation will be available for individuals who are interested.

behavioral management

You will learn how to use positive reinforcement to solve behavioral problems. This program is taught in a simplified manner that makes it easy to learn and practice.

Specialized Education

We provide education and tutoring for children with special needs. Our educational programs are based on the principles of ABA. Funding may be available for some children.
Early Childhood Clinic

We provide services for all children needing support. We address a wide range of issues such as potty training, nighttime fears, feeding/eating difficulties.

social skills training

We teach children functional skills including social skills, self-help skills and verbal behavior. Training is suitable for children with autism, ADHD, EBD, and children with academic and behavioral challenges.

specialized parent training

Training designed to fit the needs of the specified family. We will train you on how to use and implement appropriate interventions. Clients include parents of children with autism, special needs and parents of “late talkers”.


self management skills

Our program aims to provide children

with tools to help them

handle stressful events. Children engage in activities that teaches relaxation and

self-regulation techniques.

applied behavioral analysis

We provide both Discrete Trial and

Natural Environment Training for children with autism and other special needs.

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