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Our Programs Include:

Social Skills Training

Foster care & Adoption Services

Early Learning & Reading

Behavior Modification

Autism & ADHD Therapy

Early Intervention
Early Childhood Mental Health

Behavioral Services for pre-teens & Teens

If you are interested in a service that is not listed here, we invite you to send us an email with your inquiry. We would love to send you more information.



         Social Skills

icecream_boysMuch of what we know about communication and interaction comes from our experiences during childhood. Social skills refers to the way in which we communicate and interact with each other. These skills include making eye contact, showing facial expressions, and understanding body language and posture. We use these skills to make decisions and to form relationships.

Some children do not have an adequate understanding of these skills. As a result, they face isolation from peers and disapproval by adults. Children with poor social skills are at risk for being bullied and may encounter poor academic performance. The reason why children lack these skills vary.   Some children have difficulties reading social cues and others have not been given ample opportunities to practice these skills.

Fortunately, children with challenges in understanding and/or expressing social skills can learn to do so. Children can learn to understand facial expressions, body language and posture, and to initiate and maintain conversations. Social skills training allows children the opportunity to learn through role play, peer modeling, feedback, and one-on-one training. Training is designed to be practical, fun, and motivational. Our social skills classes are designed for children of all ages.


Friendship Skills

tea_girlsMost of our fun times during childhood comes through play. While playing with peers children learn important skills such as turn taking, sharing, and social communication. We are passionate about teaching your child how to engage in positive play skills and to build friendships with their peers.


relaxChildren with autism and other developmental disabilities often encounter a lot of stressful events. What most of us consider as normal everyday occurrences can be detrimental to an individual with autism. Our program aims to provide children with tools to help them handle stressful events. Children engage in activities that teaches relaxation and self regulation techniques. 

feeding_boyFor some children, and their families, feeding can become a stressful event. Feeding challenges in children are usually the result of a medical condition such as prematurity, allergy, and reflux, which may lead to picky eating or food refusal. Children with feeding difficulties may experience chocking, gagging, vomiting, stomach aches, loss of skills associated with feeding, malnutrition, and failure to thrive. We work with the family, and other professionals, to design a plan that is respectful of your child’s personal preferences and ability. We conduct a thorough evaluation including medical clearance, functional assessment, food preference inventory, and reinforcement preference assessment.

Sign Language

hearing_aidsWe teach basic sign language for toddlers and children. This is a basic introductory program that includes letters, numbers, feelings, greetings, and common terms. Children learn through music, games, and other fun activities. Each child receives a pack of sign language cards, a poster, and a certificate at the end of the program. Therefore, children can continue to practice long after the program has ended. Course is for six weeks.

Conflict Resolution

conflictIf you are having difficulties communicating with your teen/s then this program is for you. Our conflict resolution trainings are for children, teens, parents, and couples. Trainings are done in groups and individually. We also offer on-site training for companies. Our conflict resolution trainings are practical and fun. Participants learn how to communicate under difficult situations and how to end power struggles. Mediation is also available. Instruction is done by a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator.

Behavioral Management

kis_fightA therapist will come to your home and/or school to assist you in   designing and implementing a behavioral management program. You will learn how to use positive reinforcement to solve behavioral problems. We can also design a program to increase "wanted" behaviors. This program is taught in a simplified manner that makes it easy to learn and practice. 

Parenting Classes

dadWe provide several parenting classes including a divorce parenting class, teen parenting, and special needs parenting. Our classes are fun and practical.

Early Intervention

divorce_picsEarly intervention is provided for young children with autism and other developmental delays. Services are also useful for children who may be at risk of developing a disability.

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